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Residential treatment can be frustrating. We all struggle with the difficulty of balancing the demands of the job with few tools for guidance. The Therapeutic Milieu provides a place where mental health professionals can gather information and exchange ideas regarding the treatment of children in out of home care. We also provide specialized tools geared to add structure to your work, save time and reduce stress. Click here for more information.

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Top Reasons Investigations Happen In Out Of Home Placements:

  • Agency policies and procedures are not followed
  • Standards of professional distance not followed
  • Teasing or horseplay goes too far
  • Use of discipline outside of the program without checking it out
  • Not paying attention to the current climate in the home/facility
  • Staff going through emotional stress and start reaching out to the children
  • Inappropriate attire at work
  • People mixing their own strong religious, moral or personal issues regarding the clients
  • Inappropriate language
  • Use children for communication regarding the agency
  • Involving children too much in caregiver’s personal life
  • Having favorites
  • Using your personal power to run the home versus consistent consequences
  • Not agreeing with outside workers and letting the client and his/her family know about it
  • Keeping secrets
  • Feeling it will never happen to you
  • Being unaware of occupational hazards
  • Difference between abuse at home and in placement
  • Becoming cynical and losing your sense of humor

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